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BREAKING: Momodou Jibba nominated UDP Ward Councillor for Gunjur

Momodou Charreh Jibba, popularly known as “Munch” has been officially nominated as the candidate for Gunjur Ward for the upcoming councillor election on the United Democratic Party ticket. Mr Jibba was today accompanied by a huge crowd of supporters to the IEC offices where he was confirmed to be on the ballot box for UDP in Gunjur.

Momodou Charreh Jibba’s endorsement as the UDP Gunjur Ward candidate however was not free from controversy. His now campaign manager and Secretary of UDP Gunjur Ward - Buba M Touray has earlier accused the UDP officials of bias and favouring Mr Jibba over his (Touray’s) interest in contesting against Mr Jibba for the ticket to represent UDP in the councillor elections for the Gunjur Ward during he selection process. Although these allegations were vehemently denied by Mr Jibba, a meeting was subsequently organised where the difference between the two aspiring candidates was resolved and Momodou Jibba was unanimously chosen to be the candidate and Mr Buba M Touray become his campaign manager. Mr Momodou Charreh Jibba will now battle it out with the Gunjur Ward APRC candidate, Omar M Touray according to sources. Who is Momodou Charreh Jibba: “Munch” as widely referred to in Gunjur and elsewhere is a product of Armitage High School. He was a formidable footballer in the 1980s and early 90s playing for Gibba’s football club and has played for Gunjur in both regional and national football competitions during his career as a footballer. Community service: Mr Jibba followed his footballing days into sports administration thereby serving in the Gunjur Youth and Sports Development Association (GYSDA), Kombo South Sports Association and Western Division Sports Associations respectively. He was 1st Vice President of GYSDA and Chairman of competitions. Mr Jibba also served in the Super Nawettan organising committee for a number of years, becoming assistant secretary in 2015/16 competitions periods making him a household name in the region and the country at large. However, not everyone is convinced that Momodou Charreh Jibba as councillor of Gunjur will stand with the community in the face of adversity.

As an aspiring councillor, concerns have been raised by environmental activists who are baffled by Mr Jibba’s reluctance to comment or take part in the campaign against Golden Lead Factory to stop the environmental pollution. The company is accused of disposing of their factory waste into the sea and emitting foul odour into the community thereby causing air pollution. Expressing his scepticism about the candidacy of “Munch”, UK based Lamin Mai Darboe in response to a comment in a public forum lamented:

“I for one will not support Munchareh directly or indirectly until he make his position clear about Golden Lead activities and what concrete steps he will take when elected to stop the rape of our environment. I will inshallah urge all my relatives and well wishers not vote for neither the MP nor Munchareh untill they respond to our concerns. I think its time to take action and be counted.”

Also weighing in on the need for elected representatives to serve the interest of those who elected them, another UK based journalist and political activists had this to say: “The depletion of our fisheries resources and wanton destruction of our once beautiful coastline are the most important issues affecting our people, now and in the future. Any politician looking forward to seriously representing your people will address these burning issues without being asked to. Please note that I am not against the person of Momodou Gibba as someone who has given a lot to his community. Posterity will however hold him accountable on what he will or will not say. And of course, posterity will not smile on anyone who supports the destruction of our resources and environment in the name of politics. The victory of Mr Gibba might be a foregone conclusion this time but he will come back to us in future. Gunjur cannot afford to send in representatives who side with the establishment at the peril of our community.” However, Mr Jibba is convinced that he is the man of the people and will forever lead by example. He tells me: “A TRUE LEADER HAS THE CONFIDENCE TO STAND ALONE, THE COURAGE TO MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS AND THE COMPASSION TO LISTEN TO THE NEEDS OF OTHERS. HE DOES NOT SET OUT TO BE A LEADER, BUT BECOMES ONE BY THE EQUALITY OF HIS ACTIONS AND THE INTEGRITY OF HIS INTENT.” It remains to be seen whether or not Mr Jibba will have the courage to make tough decisions when presented with one as councillor of Gunjur Ward. We wish him God Speed.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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