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Gunjur Health Centre gets D275,000 renovation

Gunjur Health Centre on Saturday, 10th February 2018 witnessed the official handing over of the renovation works implemented with collaboration between the UK based Kombo Sillah Association (KSA) and Gunjur Development Association (GDA). 

The project handing over ceremony was attended by the Chief of Kombo South, Lamin Darboe, Alikalo of Gunjur, Alhagie Giki Darboe, council of elders, Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, aspiring Gunjur Ward Councillor, Momodou Charreh Jibba, officials from the Ministery of Health, and a cross section of the community of Gunjur. The project which cost about D275,000 was spent renovating the Maternity wards, overhauling of the water supply system and repainting of the health centre buildings. MamaKaddy Bajo, the PRO of GDA gave an overview of what necessitated the formation of GDA and how critical needs of the community were identified and funds raised to remedy the urgent needs of the community.  

MamaKaddy informed the gathering that about D175,000 was raised by members and well wishers of GDA and Gunjurians both in The Gambia and in diaspora for the urgent repair works that are needed at the Gunjur Health Centre. This amount together with the D100,000 that KSA presented to the health centre was spent in the renovation of the maternity ward which meant that the Gunjur Health Centre is in a better condition today than it was some few months ago.  Representing Kombo Sillah Association, Lamin J Darbo explained KSA’s choice of intervention areas and the importance attached to providing a safe, clean and comfortable maternity ward at the Gunjur Health Centre. He expressed KSA’s happiness in the implementation of the project.

Other speakers encompassed the Chief of Kombo South, Alikalo, a representative of the ministry of health and the Nurse in charge of the health centre. The Alikalo underscored the importance of unity in Gunjur and expressed his delight in observing the unity being manifested under his leadership. The GDA/KSA collaboration in improving the condition of the health centre is a clear manifestation of unity, and in unity lies our strength.

Chief Lamin S Darboe thanked the good sons and daughters of Gunjur and in particular those in the diaspora for always remembering Gunjur. The chief expressed his appreciation to GDA and KSA for the health centre improvement project as it shows that they care about the wellbeing of the people of Gunjur. Commenting on the presentation, Kaddy Jabang Janneh, funding manager of Kombo Sillah Association postulated: “Some of the things we can do together when we unite are just beautiful. Thank you to each and every KSA member for making this happen.”  

Also commenting on the presentation ceremony, Jenny Ringstead, Secretary of the GDA on the ground, had this to say: “A wonderful celebration today for the work conducted at Gunjur Health Center by GDA and the KSA. A shining example of how much can be done when we join hands together for the better of the community. A big thanks to all that have been involved in the process. Special thanks to Dr Scattred Janneh, The Chief of Kombo South, Gunjur Alikalo, representative from ministry of health, Mamakhaddy Bajo, Lawyer Mr Lamin Darboe, the GHC team and the entire members that took part today. Gunjur getting stronger every day”. 

On his part, the diaspora president of Gunjur Development Association, Ousman Manjang thanked everyone who have contributed in cash or kind towards the improvement works at the Gunjur Health Centre. He especially thanked the GDA ground team, the health centre renovation project coordinating team lead by Hatab Jobe and Bunama Jatta.

The ceremony concluded by a conducted tour of the health centre facility to showcase the improvement and renovation works Carried out by GDA/KSA partnership.

In a related development, Zimmer Frame Walkers and crutches were also donated by Kalifa Saho and his wife Fatou Njai for the Gunjur health centre through GDA and hand delivered to GDA health representative Bunama Jatta by Kalifa’s brother Lamin Saho. The handing over of these items took place at the health centre on Friday 2nd February 2018. 

Receiving the donated items, Bunama Jatta thanked Kalifa and his wife for their generosity in donating the Zimmer Frame Walkers and crutches and assured them that the items will be utilised as intended. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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