• Sainey Darboe, Editor-in-chief

Gambia: US, British ambassadors participate in push to bring Jammeh to Justice

The diplomatic representatives of global super powers, United Kingdom and United States, are participating in spirited efforts to bring former Gambian tyrant Yahya Jammeh to Justice. A meeting convened by human rights defenders in concert with victims of Jammeh's brutalities was attended by representatives of both the United States and close ally United Kingdom. Reed Brody, lawyer for Human Rights Watch, who spearheaded the prosecution of Chadian dictator Hussein Habre,declared in an interview with Sanna Camara :

"There is certainly a substantial amount of evidence and the evidence keeps coming out everyday.The case today is stronger than it would have been 6 months ago.There are hundreds of victims who are coming forward, many of them for the first time, to describe their suffering and what happened to them. And that is one part. That other part of the story is building a case to show that these crimes were the responsibility of Yahya Jammeh and that require a different kind of evidence that he was personally involved either giving orders or cover it up. So we know a lot more today about Jammeh’s allege crimes than we did in January when he left the country and I am sure we will know a lot more a year from now than we do today.” However, the veteran human rights lawyer is not unaware of challenges inherent in meeting legal standard of proof in the case against Jammeh. He elucidated: "You need to prove that either Jammeh gave orders for these crimes to be committed or that he was responsible. Or as a commander that he knew the crimes were being committed and he did not intervene to prevent them from happening or to punish their authors." "This is called command responsibility… We have looked at the Gambian law and obviously the country does not have a law on torture, crimes against humanity but a lot of what Jammeh did can fit within traditional criminal law such as murder, battering and things like that.”

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