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Breaking News: Government reinstates former Kombo South chief in major push against cronyism

Former Kombo South Chief Ajeh Janneh

A former chief of Kombo South who had been sacked at the dawn of Jammeh rule in 1994, Lamin S. Darboe of Gunjur, has been reinstated according to reliable sources. He replaces quondam chief Ajeh Janneh who served in the position for over two decades since the inception of the Jammeh regime. A source close to the chief who reached out to this medium but declared a wish to remain anonymous, revealed: "The former chief of Kombo South Lamin Darboe has been reappointed by the new government to serve as chief of Kombo South". The former chief hails from the founding Darboe family of the ancient coastal town of Gunjur who had been seen as opposed to the tyrannical regime of president Jammeh, who was ousted in the presidential elections in December last year.

Photo: Appointment letter of Lamin Darboe as Chief of Kombo South

Lamin Darboe could not be immediately reached for comments for this article. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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