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Gunjur Sports Committee,Team Delegates Reach Consensus

Gunjur Sports Committee Executive Members

Gunjur Sports Committee (GSC) and various team delegates have patched up their differences following a controversial financial report by GSC at this year’s congress, signaling renewed commitment as they aimed to work for the betterment of sports in the sprawling coastal community.

As part of the agreement, the chairman of GSC and his assistant, who were the only two executive members left in their post during saga, will continue in their post, and the vacant executive positions are to be filled by elected members to be appointed by delegates on Sunday 20th August, 2017.

Some of the plump positions up for grabs are the Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Auditor General. These positions, vacated after their previous holders verbally declared their resignations in a dramatic fashion, are crucial to the day-to-day smooth and effective running of sports in Gunjur.

Signaling to the delegates at the truce meeting that they want strong team members on the executive, the Assistant Chairman of GSC, Momodou Charreh Jibba, made an impassioned plea to delegates to fill the vacated positions with competent people, who have an in-depth grasp of the challenges and opportunities of sports in the community.

Admonishing delegates to always have the best interest of sport development front and center in their hearts and minds, the GSC second-hitter also railed against the unprofessional manner in which some other executive members resigned, saying: “ GSC has a problem which needs to be solved, but resigning in such a way will not solve the problem.”

Jibba added: "We have to look at it together to avoid having the same administrative lapses this season. I don't think [ it] is the right time to resign, since the dust is yet to settle. I will never quit and run away from the problems of Gunjur, whether in sports or other activities".

Making it clear that good lessons should be drawn from the root causes of the stand-off, he expressed profound optimism that if “competent” people are appointed to fill all the executive positions together that can tackle the problems facing sports in Gunjur head-on, proffering solutions that would propel sporting activities of different stripes on top of the parch nationally.

Delegates at the GSC meeting

Photo: Delegates at the GSC meeting

The row between GSC and delegates, it could be recalled, was sparked by a fierce lighting rod of complain aimed at what delegates saw as a black hole in the finances of the ruling GSC.

Nuha S. Barrow, the Treasurer, who was at the center of the controversy following the presentation of his botched budget which was repeatedly questioned by delegates with wails and hauls of disapproval, also set out his position during the rapprochement meeting. According to him, his reputation as the custodian of the finances of GSC is on the line, adding: "I am the treasurer, and most of the problem is caused by the financial statement. If I should resign now how will people see or judge me. I will wait until everything is cleared and settled"

During the meeting some delegates made a robust call for the Treasurer to make financial statement in which he will clear the doubts hanging over the financial activity report of GSC, but Treasurer Barrow is unflappable and unfazed, pointing out: “If I should prepare another report it will still be the same. I prepared the financial statement based on the records given to me by the assistant treasurer, who is on the ground doing most of the transaction while I was away. So, I suggest the team delegates look for an external auditor or go to people within the community to come and audit or vet the report."

GSC and team delegates agreed to meet on Sunday 20th August, 2017 to review the constitution and officially announce the new members who will be occupying the vacant posts within the Executive. The runners and riders for the vacant positions are yet to declare their candidacy.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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