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SPORTS: An Historic Sponsorship In Gunjur Football

Green Vision International (Gambia)

Green Vision International Estate Agency has pump in a whopping one-hundred and fifty-thousand dalasis (150, 000) and a brand new trophy for the sponsorship of 2016 – 17 Gunjur “nawettan” league campaign.

The sponsors also handed a surprise five-thousand dalasis (5, 000) and twenty T-shirts to Gunjur Sports Committee for the preparation of Saturdays final. They gave a complete set of jersey to the two Saturday July 1st 2017 finalist Red Star F.C and Reliance F.C plus a cash of one-thousand, five hundred dalasis each for their preparations and fifty T-shirts for their fans club.

Since last seasons super cup, Green Vision have continuously been given financial assistance to Gunjur Sports Committee. They gave fifteen-thousand dalasis and a brand new trophy for that super cup, even though they were not the sponsors for that cup.

They again handed fourteen-thousand, one hundred dalasis (14, 100) and hundred and fifty T-shirts for Gunjur 2016 Super “Nawettan” Zonal Championship. Gunjur United F.C also received Ninety-thousand dalasis and shirts for their 2016 – 17 Third Division Campaign.

The overall cash spent on Gunjur football by Green Vision in less than a year is two hundred and sixty-two thousand, one hundred dalasis (262, 100), that is different from the cost of the materials.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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