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EDITORIAL: Government pressurizes NEA to drop charges against Golden Lead Factory

Bolong Fenyo

Unimpeachable sources have confirmed to @Gunjur that some government officials are currently pressuring the Natuonal Environment Agency (NEA) to drop charges filed against the Golden Lead Import and Export company. Golden Lead is a fishmeal processing company operating a factory, a few hundred meters from the beach front in Gunjur, The Gambia.

The company has recently come under increased pressure from environmental activists and local residents in Gunjur for the environmental carnage being caused as a results of the activities of the company.

They are accused of dumping untreated waste water into the nearby lagoon called Bolong Feyno and the Gunjur beach through a waste pipe, thereby killing fish and other aquatic life in the Bolong Fenyo, with hundreds of dead fish that are found dumped in the sea as a result of the company's inability to purchase all of the days catch for processing.

Dead Fish on Gunjur Beach

Environmental activists have noted with dismay, the coloration of the lagoon over the last weeks and months as a results of the waste water being emptied into the lagoon.

The National Environment Agency (NEA), an independent government body responsible for the country's Environmental Heath and Protection recently filed a lawsuit against the Golden Lead company following an investigation carried out into the activities of the Fishmeal production company. NEA's findings highlighted non-compliance, breach of Environmental Laws and disregard to other environmental laws of The Gambia.

However, @Gunjur have gathered that some government officials are impressing on the National Environment Agency to drop charges against Golden Lead company for fear of loosing the investment of the company as a result of the lawsuit.

We ask this simple question:

Does investment gains of a country supersedes the health of a nation?



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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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