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Kombo South Chief backs NPP, promises land slide for president

Former UDP stalwart in Kombo South and chief, Lamin Darboe, has promised president Barrow a bigger landslide than 2016 elections while affirming support to his government.

Kombo South Chief, Lamin S. Darboe

Speaking at the meeting in Sanyang over the weekend, Lamin Darboe praised the president for his modus operandi of “saying less and doing more”.

He added: “Please continue what you are doing.The good job you are doing will speak for you so you don’t have to speak for yourself. Kombo South gave you a greater margin of victory than any other candidate in 2016 and that margin will get substantially bigger in 2021. I promise you more than that margin of victory if you continue to do the good job you are doing”.

The chief, who was a UDP stalwart for many years, appealed to the president to boost the region’s infrastructure with construction of roads and five star hotels to build tourism in order to stop the dangerous back way journeys the youths are taking.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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