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Darboe Kunda vs Berending: A Tale Of Two Communities Embittered By A Diabolical Tyrant

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

By Lamin Darboe, Leicester, UK:

The land of Berending with magnanimity and respect "Bounya" was given to Abuluwa Sanyang around late 19th century probably 1890s by Darbo kunda Kabilo leader called Draman Darboe.

Abuluya's descendants are still alive, I know Fa Nyagassi very well because my grand mum was married to him.

Abuluwa was a great man of excellence, a local herbalist and owner of a lot of cattle. He emigrated from cassamamace as a result of bitter dispute he had with his village compatriots due to cattle grazing issues and he sought sanctuary with Jammeh Kunda Kabilo in Gunjur.

The Jammehs in turn implored the Darboes to donate a lucrative land between "Bereng Dingoto" (a quarry) and "Abukumala" hence the name Berending was name after that quarry. Every year Abuluwa will bring kolanut to seek permision to get more arable land and he was always gratuitously granted.

That continued untill his demise up to his grand children. Abuluwa as he was fondly called gave her daughter in marriage to Fa Lamba Darboe, named "eyeh" and that strengthend the relationship between Darboe Kunda and Berending.

I remember, when I was a little boy, Abuluwa's family convinced by grand dad Alkali Nyangku Darboe to change his mind to build his new house in a."Jola style House" locally called "Sapeh Bungo". They build it very nicely without demanding a penny.

The relationship had flourished till Yaya Jammeh emerged from nowhere to destroy a profoundly convivial fraternal relationship that pre-existed his Father emigration to Kanilai.

How, this is not a preposterous supposition but a coterie of tacit support and emboldenment to flout the law and rejects court verdicts that restored the land to its rightful owners.

Yaya wanted to get people of Berending to host MDC foot soldiers so he discretely gave them the signal to seize the land.

During the many court cases my granny, through my mum Fa Nyagassi swore by the Quran that Berending owned the place, he was forced by the elites or the MDC, I wasn't sure about that.

Fa Nyagassy was a very good man but was compelled by the circumstances and the hostile ambience around him. After the court swearing, he mysteriously got sick and died, I was at his grave.

Folks the original Berendingkas were not the agitators but allegedly the new comers from king's hence a grandson of Fa Nyagassy from his daughter who killed Buba Jammeh of Gunjur. That boy was alleged to be the chief orchestrator and mastermind of the whole insurgency and insubordination to seize the whole of Darboekunda land called "Haram" which was never given to Berending.

Some of them confide to me that they were coerced to join the fray and seize Gunjur land because they got the tacit encouragement from UMPER MENDY who was a zealous YAYA surrogate and enthusiastic enabler

Now figure out for yourself whether justice has been done. Note that the same people usurp Jammehkunda, Manjang kunda and Jatta kunda land under the pretext of land reclamation.

It's all done under the encouragement of Yaya Jammeh as a results of his tribal hegemonic desires and to undermine peace and stability because tyrants love divide and rule, hence their rule is fertilised by communal discord as each faction sought his patronage.

He had efrontery to invite the Darboekunda clan to come to statehouse and ask for their allegiance with a paltry D100 000 gesture. You can find this even in YouTube hence my story add up.

Many of those who swore by the Quran perished and the symbiotic relationship that subsisted for years between the two communities is strained and hinged on the precipieces of hostility all because of an evil tyrant.

Lamin Darboe, Leicester, UK

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