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Breaking: Kombo Sanyang in flames as natives clash with Senegalese folks as one dies

Breaking: Kombo Sanyang in flames as natives clash with Senegalese folks as one dies

Information reaching GunjurOnline confirms the death of a native of Sanyang who was stabbed and killed in a botched robbery.

According to sources on the ground, the alledged thief works at the Chinese Fishmeal plant at Sanyang beach. Consequently, the youths of the seaside town went on protest burning the town’s police post and marched towards the beach to burn down the Fishmeal factory which they blamed for attracting and employing foreign nationals who are now targeting the community with petty crimes, including violent robberies which sadly resulted in the death of a man at his own home.

Protesters clash with the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) who arrived at the scene to stop the protest. PIU used teargas to suppress the riot as some protesters faint.

The residents took to the streets amid the alledged killing of a 33 year old man by a thief who is said to be of Senegales nationality. Accoding to one of the protesters, foreign nations notability Senegalese resident in the coastal settlent have been commiting criminal acts against the locals for sometime. when these are reported to the local police, nothing seem to have been done about it, hence the burning down of the police post in the protest.

Sources reaching GunjurOnline confirms that the Senegalese man broke into the compound of a 33 year old local man to steal. A fracas broke out when the alledged thief was caught. In the process of trying to flee, the thief stabbed the unnamed man in the hearth as well as cutting the nose of another brother who was also trying to ensure that the thief does not escape.

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