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#Breaking: Golden Lead encroachment into women vegetable garden halted as pressure mounts

Breaking: Golden Lead encroachment into women vegetable garden halted as pressure mounts on the controversial company

GunjuurOnline can authoritatively report that following a cross-sectional stakeholder consultation, the planned extension of the Golden Lead factory into the vegetable garden will now not go ahead.

Concerned youths and support from politicians resisted the expansion plans as it is deemed to deprive the women of their livelihoods of Golden Lead were to build on the land that traditionally belong to the Sanyang clan of Gunjur who have not been consulted for the company’s extension plans.

The people of Gunjur, the youths in particular came at a melting point as the menace of a Chinese Fishmeal company continue unabated. Golden Lead’s attempt at encroaching on the livelihood of women vegetable growers as the company seek to expand their operations by acquiring more land was met with fierce resistant by the owners of the land with support from the concerned youths of the coastal settlement.

Golden Lead will now look for storage facility somewhere else in Banjul as they continue to increase their production capacity to export Fishmeal to China from their processing plant in Gunjur. There were about even shipping containers seen at Gunjur beach last few days waiting to be loaded with finished products for export.

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