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Breaking: Coordinated operation twarts would-be migrant boat from leaving Gunjur

As the “Backway” migration to Europe onboard wooden boats from Gunjur shows no sign of slowing down despite the cold weather season, Gunjuronline can report that on Saturday evening, a joint operation between Gunjur Police, Tanji Immigration Post and campaigners against the dangerous journey to Europe has intercepted and stopped a planned departure of a boat owned by a prominent fisherfolk from Gunjur.

Due to the lucrative nature of carrying would-be migrants each of whom are charged up to D50,000, a boatload of just 100 migrants earns the boat owner a whopping D5 million.

Our source, on condition of strict anonymity has revealed that a BMW carrying the captain of the boat is at large. The would-be passengers are believed to be in camp at a compound in Gunjur with the boat waiting in the Gunjur Sambuyang fishing village.

This medium can also report that, despite a substantial number of young men, women and children unaccounted for since leaving Gunjur onboard wooden boats to Spain, more plans are afoot for further boat departures from Gunjur.

This is a developing story… 


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12 Νοε 2023

Unbelievable every day people die on the sea,,last week one off my best friend died by Mauretania the boat collapse please stop this

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