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Another serious car accident in Gunjur causes injuries

Another serious car accident in Gunjur causes injuries

The vehicle of Alhagie Ebrima Jatta and his brother which collided with a pick up truck

Gunjur has witnessed yet another serious road traffic accident on the Gunjur - Brikama highway injuring the driver of the red vehicle who is from Gunjur, according to impeccable sources reaching GunjurOnline. We have no details of the occupants of the pick up which collided with the red vehicle as the people were evacuated from the scene when our source visited the accident scene.

The accident which happened at about 11am earlier Tuesday morning involved Abdourahman Jatta, a younger brother to Alhahie Ebrima Jatta. The extent of his injuries cannot be ascertained at this stage.

The vehicle of Abdourahman collided with a pick up truck causing the pickup truck to be split into two pieces.

Gunjur has had alarming rate of road traffic accidents recently which forced the community to approach The Gambia Road Authority to instal speed reduction measures in the parts of the road deemed too dangerous due to speeding cars.

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