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Donor boosts Gunjur nursery school with 12 scholarships

A US-based Gambian donor has extended magnanimity to Sheikh Hatab Memorial Islamic Nursery school by providing funds to underwrite the educational bursary of 12 students for one year. The generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous has been contributing to various projects geared towards the upliftment of the people of Gunjur for many years. 

Photo: Pupils at the Sheikh Hatab Memorial Islamic Nursery school

Speaking to Gunjuronline, the founder of the school Ahmed Manjang who is a scientist trained in the United Kingdom working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said of the move: “D450 may not sound much, but that is the annual cost of school fees at Sheikh Hatab Islamic nursery school.This little fee is a big issue for some families.The scholarships for 12 kids from twelve families will really go a long way towards the education of the kids who benefited and help families send more kids to school”. In its 11th year since doors opened for its first batch of students, Ahmed Manjang maintains that making education accessible to deprived communities at nursery level remains the over-arching goal of the school. 

Sheik Hatab Memorial Nursery School enrols three hundred and twenty-five students with a 50/50 gender ratio. The school is headed by Alhagie Manjang.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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