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OJ slams futile efforts to imprison Jammeh, calls for compensation

Former agriculture minister in the quondam PPP government, Omar Jallow, has postulated that its “futile” to pursue justice for victims of Yahya Jammeh by putting him in prison ,while calling for financial compensation of victims.

Speaking at the PPP party Congress, the veteran politician averred:

“The government should look for funding to compensate victims of Yahya Jammeh. There are many people who are victims of his regime including April 10 and 11 student protesters. It’s better to give D5M to each family and have forgiveness so that they can live in dignity. What benefit is it going have to put Yahya Jammeh in jail? It’s better to give compensation to victims so that they can live in dignity”. Disclosing that his mum was Sierra Leonean, the populist politician then made reference to destruction wrought to that country because of war and its transition to peace through forgiveness and reconciliation.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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