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Momodou Sabally responds to Madi Jobarteh

Let's roll: On Ethics and Ethical Conduct: a note to the Gambia's Chief Kaafirr It has been a week or so since the debate on the appointment of Alagie Barrow as Director of Research and Investigations of the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) started started and the debate has largely been above board for all parties with a modicum of proper education and civic exposure. Despite the emotionally charged nature of this debate even parties that were involved in the December 30 attack and wanted to come out to show some Esprit de Corps put forward their case with decorum.  

But enter Madi Jobarteh and the whole issue becomes personal and there is no longer any standard. Like the tasteless, classless bigot that you are, you just had to come out rude and obnoxious. 

Instead of arguing your case (or the lack thereof) you went straight into name calling and insults. My first response to you was harsh and some of my followers appealed to me to drop that Facebook post which I did. But others came back to me and pleaded to take you head on; and I see some wisdom from their angle, hence this short note to you Madi 'Moe Kuntang' Jobarteh. And why are you even getting yourself involved in a debate that I started. Do you have no Shame? 'fo e teh buka malu, Madi?' You and I were invited to a symposium organized by a youth group, the Leadership Clinic, and you agreed to their request, leading them to make their flyers only for you to pull out at the 11th hour to the disappointment and chagrin the organizers. Your argument was that you don't want to be on the same platform with Momodou Sabally. So I was shocked to see you, the same Madi Jobarteh, come and sit right at the very same table with me during a seminar on The National Budget that happened weeks after the seminar you boycotted. I arrived before you and when you came in and saw me, I was sure you were going to move out of that hall and go home. But no, you didn't. You didn't boycott this one because you have no sense of ethical conduct. You stayed and joined me at the high table because you could not go without the D5000 remuneration payable to you as panelist. This seminar was organized by Beakanyang. You stayed there and turned your back on the youths of this country who wanted to learn something from you because the youths have no money to pay you. Where is your sense of ethics and 'foroyaa'? Indeed you and your dubious stances on issues have always run against the grain of what our country is all about. Principal among your nonsensical arguments is your shameless statement that God played no role in the resolution of the December 2016 political impasse. What boneheaded argument Madi! I wanted to take you on for that madness but was gladly informed that my son actually took you on and undid your very misleading statement on that matter. So I let that go. But in that misguided and misguiding statement, your real self was revealed; for those of us who know you, do know that you are a faithless idiot scurrying whatever you could get to sustain your fat carcass through dodgy means. From your activities at FLARE (am sure you know what FLARE stands for) to your most recent maneuvers, you are nothing but a corrupt dude trading under the guise of a civil rights activist. And like someone recently said. "Where were you" when the fight was the toughest. Madi you only started speaking up against Yahya Jammeh when you needed asylum in Europe toward the end of his reign. You cannot deny this. Where was your voice when you worked at The Gambia Revenue Authority? Would you be bold enough to submit yourself and your activities as an activist to an audit exercise, especially during your tenure at FLARE and TANGO? It is people like you who actually strengthened Yahya Jammeh and made him stay much longer because unlike the genuine victims, you were lying against the government to gain asylum and pecuniary benefits. And because of those lies a lot of genuine people doubted all allegations of rights abuses leveled agains Yahya Jammeh. And just like you weakened the case against genuine victims then, you and your ilk are making the case of genuine victims weaker by the day through your unethical conduct and lies trying to get jobs for your friends and allies in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission even though such unethical appointments would render the entire TRRC incredible and useless! Madi really I tried my best not to respond to you but you have always been a cyber bully and we know that your nefarious activities have not spared even youths who consider you an uncle and a mentor. I do know that the only language that bullies understand is strength so take this first salvo as I take a break and get ready for part 2. Meanwhile let me crave the indulgence of my genuine followers who don't want to see me involved in this kind of exchange. The Quran has a whole chapter on the Chief Kaafirr of the Prophet's time. So I thought I might as well get a small note on his counterpart of our era. Madi, just like Abu Lahab, your inner motivations can never be veiled from the light of truth. And your lies, deception and slander will be destroyed by the brilliant light of the Holy Quran. So to you, Madi 'Moe Kuntang' Jobarteh I say 'Qul yaa ayyulhal kaafirroon; laa a'budu maa taa budoon!' Momodou Sabally Former Presidential Affairs Minister, Author/Economist/Motivational Speaker 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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