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Breaking: Golden Lead shut down over court case

On Wednesday, 18th July 2018, a High Court judge ordered Golden Lead Import and Export company in Gunjur to temporarily cease operations as a result of a court case filed against the company by one of its partners by the name Ms Leon who is also a Chinese National. Ms Leon is a close ally and a frequent visitor to Bakary Darboe the Manager of Golden Lead Company in Gunjur. Ms Leon was a shareholder of Golden Lead Company who was allededly dismissed and her shares in the company returned to her which she is displeased with. She filed a court case against the company at the high court to add to the mounting legal problems of the company. Golden Lead will remain closed until the court decides between the former partners now turned adversaries . 

In a bizarre twist to the Golden Lead saga, a competent source close to the corridors of the high court has also revealed to GunjurNewsOnline that bank accounts belonging to Golden Lead at both Trust Bank and Eco Bank have been temporarily frozen as part of the court order to cease operations. According to a GunjurNewsOnline source, the Sheriff division staffers of the High Court, today attended the premises of Golden Lead to take an inventory of the assets of the company. Golden Lead Company is also currently locked in a civil law suit case at the high court with a consortium of concerned environmental groups who filed a claim against the company for D15 million damages to the environment as a result of discharging untreated Fishmeal processing waste into the nearby lagoon and into the sea. The civil suit case was called for mention on 17th July. The lawyer for the defendant did not show up and was subsequently fined D5,000 by the presiding judge. The case will resume on 20th July for pre-trial at 11:30am. 

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