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Golden Lead issued 7-day ultimatum over pollution

Gunjur youths to Golden Lead: "Remove the waste pipe from sea within 7 days or we will remove it ourselves". As the fallout over the environmental pollution between Golden Lead Fishmeal factory and concerned local environmental groups intensifies, an ultimatum has been given to the factory to remove the underground waste pipe from the factory into the sea within 7 days or it will be removed by the concerned youth group. Earlier today, a group of youths met at the beach to examine the waste pipe which was recently discovered suggesting that Golden Lead continues to dispose Fishmeal processing waste into the sea. Having established the waste pipe was laid between the factory and the sea, the group proceeded to the factory where they had discussions with the owners of the factory and the “horrible” smell coming out of the factory which is affecting the entire community of Gunjur. Speaking to this medium, Lamin Jassey said his group enquired from the factory owners as why they still have a waste pipe going into the sea. According to Mr Jassey, Golden Lead has indicated that although the waste pipe remained in the sea, they are not using it to dispose of their waste. He added: “Instead, they are in negotiation with the National Environment Agency (NEA) as to whether or not they can continue to dispose of their waste through the waste pipe or remove it. The factory owners assured us that they will continue to use the waste pipe if NEA gives them the green light, but will also remove it if NEA does not agree for them to use the waste pipe into the sea. The owners of the factory said they are not aware of any bad odours coming out of the factory when they are processing the raw/rotten fish and have promised to go outside and into the community next time they are processing to have an idea of the alleged odour coming out of their factory. If indeed there is bad odour from their factory, the owners promised to remedy the situation”. However, the concerned youths advised the factory to remove the waste pipe and find solution to the bad odour within 7 days after which time, the youths will have no option but to remove the waste pipe themselves from the sea. Lamin Jassey and other concerned youths were accompanied by Bunama Jatta on behalf of Gunjur Development Association (GDA). As we go to press, this medium also understands that there are credible efforts to seek a permit to stage a massive peaceful demonstration to draw the attention of The Gambia government about the horrendous bad odour coming from the Golden Lead Factory that is making life very difficult for the people of Gunjur amongst other environmental degradation as a result of the activities of Golden Lead Factory.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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