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D247,000 perimeter fencing project underway at Gunjur Nyamina Football Field

Gunjur Sports Committee (GSC) has started work on the construction of a perimeter fence at the community's only sports arena the Nyamina Football Field on the eastern side of the village. Speaking to @Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani, Mr. Assan Jassey, Treasurer of Gunjur Sports Committee confirms that the project is being sponsored by Dabanani Electrical Enterprise of Alhagie Conteh at a tune of D245,000. According to Mr. Jassey, the perimeter fencing project is estimated to cost them D247,000 but the sponsor gave D245,000 thus GSC will put the remaining D2,000 to complete the project. He however, explains that this figure exclude the welding and transportation costs as the consultant only based his estimates on the construction part only. " We have two sponsors in this year's Nawettan competition, one from Green Vision International Real Estate Company and the other from the Golden Lead Fish Meal Factory. We have decided to use one of the sponsorship packages to construct dressing rooms at the field because the perimeter fencing project sponsorship does not include dressing rooms," says Assan Jassey in response to a question as to whether dressing rooms will be part of the project.

When asked to shed light on the mosque construction already taking place at the Nyamina Football Field, Assan said the mosque project is sponsored by Amadou Cash Bajo a Gunjurian resident in UK in collaboration with GSC. Further quizzed as to who is doing what in the project, Jassey explained that the sand in use at the moment is from GSC and the foundation blocks of about 30 were from GSC. Cash Bajo will carry on the rest of the project, said Mr Jassey. It is important to note that the issue of the perimeter fence at Gunjur Nyamina Football Field has been of grave concern to sports enthusiasts in Gunjur. The lack of perimeter fence is believed to have caused so many brawls in Gunjur Nawettans for the past decades and of more recently was the Commit FC's attack on the referee for what they justified as "setting an example to end bad refereeing in Gunjur".

Photos: Assan Jassey - GSC Treasurer, construction works at Nyamina Football Field

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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