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UDP’s Bamba Mass warns of NPP threat, as battle for Niamina intensifies

The battle for electoral triumph in Niamina has reached a frightening crescendo with GDC securing the support of UDP, but UDP hack and former diplomat Bamba Mass thinks there is time enough for counting on a win-when it’s done. The Niamina West seat is up for grabs after the death of Demba Sowe, who died suddenly while on an official trip to Morocco. He was 40.

In what could be construed as a marked departure from UDP’s constant refrain about NPP’s lack of popular support, Bamba Mass said nothing should be taken for granted.

UDP hack and former diplomat, Bamba Mass

Speaking on the UDP online Bantaba, Bamba Mass said of the NPP candidate and ruling party’s efforts to build an appealing brand with voters:

“He is sick. I swear to Allah he is mentally sick. I can meet with NPP and challenge them on this. They know this themselves. Birome is not well. If you go to Niamina people are talking about it. They are spending so much money in Niamina. The entire cabinet is on the ground. But I will advise don’t rule them out in Niamina. Elections are only lost on eve of election day.The entire cabinet is there including Hamat Bah and Bakary Badjie”.


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