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Tribute to late Mankamang Touray - Essa Sumareh

TRIBUTE TO THE LATE MANKAMANG TOURAY (may his soul rest in peace)

Late Mankamang Touray is among the people who motivated me to join community development activities through the Gunjur link committee as early as 2004 (when I was just 14yrs old).

Mankamang inspire and encouraged me personally to join the masses in making my community better and prosperous. I witnessed many a time when him will dip into his pocket to see us finish community works and activities. Gunjur is mourning the death of a great son who devoted all his life to seeing people in better living conditions.

I will personally miss his gentle voice, smiles and wisdom dearly and that breaka my heart. I was so sad heading to his family home when the devastating news broke but felt some comfort when I heard people all over the country praise him for his kindness, affection and humanity.

We have lost a strong piller of our dear community but his legacy and norms will be cherish till the end of time.

My brother, Lamin Yai Touray is his brother-in law and good companion. I always sit among them and brew attaya for them while they chat about issues partaining to the betterment of Gunjur and its citizens. Mankamang played a key part in the establishment and success of Gunjur’s link with Marlborough that had a lasting impact on Gunjur and its citizens.

We pray that his soul will rest in eternal peace.

Essa Sumareh



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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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