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I say Jazakallah to each and everyone for your support and encouragement to bear the loss of my dear mum with patience and fortitude.

Indeed the spectacle of death is an eventuality that hovers over every creature, and indeed it shall overtake every living being at its chosing. 

One day there shall be wailing from karr Kunda, and it will be said, so and so has passed away. You will be quickly prepared for your burial with only few white sheet of clothes so cheap that you never would wish to put it on through out your life.

From decorated and lofty buildings to the pit of final desolate residence. Alone in your grave, in darkness and solitude, while you used to live in a well lit house with family around. On bare earth while you used to sleep on a cosy bed. Your tongue that used to taste delicious food shall swell and burst, your eyes which used to look at beautiful images shall drop out from its socket. Worms shall invade your stomach which used to store wonderful and tasty food.

The beautiful body you meticulously cared for, for which you were so proud of, will be food for maggots.

All your expensive dresses will be given out as charity while afore-mentioned, you were hesitant to give out as charity yourself, shall be inherited by some other people.

Your wives shall remarry or your husbands shall remarry some other beautiful ladies.

How can we be proud of our wealth and body to the extent we oppress and suppress other fellow humans to achieve our shallow material satisfaction?

Death does not differentiate our status in life, once your appointed time has come, you shall answer to your maker. It could be through illness, accident, sudden death like heart attack but what is evident is every mortal shall die.

Since death lay in wait for everyone, rich or poor, president or commoner, powerful or weak, all shall succumb to the spectacle of death. The only insurance we therefore need, is to prepare for it with absolute urgency, the same discipline and fortitude we exercise to sail through the vicicitude of life must be deployed.

Frist and foremost, be constant in sallah, guard your tongue, do not oppress anyone in any form, make sure you eat what is halal for you, give sadaqa, be sincere in whatever you do etc .These and many are the panacea to prepare us spirituality for the spectacle of death.

My advise to everyone especially those whose parents are alive, please take 110% care of your mums as I did regret that I did not do enough for my mum.

One route  to Jannah passes through our mothers service and we can never do enough to repay them for the sacrifices they rendered to us when we needed help most.

I have lost the opportunity to excel in service to my mum but those whose parents are alive still have that opportunity,  you must not waste it.

L Darboe



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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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