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Sukuta - Jambanjelly Road Project: The purpose of Development should not be Destruction of Devt.

Commentary | By Saikou Jeng


A couple of weeks aback, I asked for GAMWORKS, the Employer, and AREZKI, the Contractor, to provide answers to the people of Jambanjelly for refusing to construct a drainage system in place of the condemned water ways which existed as drainage channels before the construction of the road.

It is evident that GAMWORKS and AREZKI blatantly violated the environment and social rights of the people of Jambanjelly and inconsiderately declared the completion of the works when hundreds of residents are left exposed to disastrous and life threatening RAIN FLOODS. It's already two years and the scenario still continue.

The pictures here are substantial evidence of the destruction of development which another development, which wale believed was going to improve living standards, brought to us. Families remain sleepless in fear of being trapped in floods and eventually losing their lives and properties as a consequence.

Several meetings have been held with GAMWORKS through our VDC and other stakeholders and NOTHING has been done so far, with their recent excuse being "we are in a coronavirus pandemic and we are unable to reach out to contractors". But we are seeing several contracts under the supervision of GAMWORKS still ongoing.

THE TIME IS UP! The people of Jambanjelly are willing and able to form a united front against GAMWORKS and all other stakeholders, by whatever means, in order to ensure the deplorable conditions we are subjected to are IMMEDIATELY addressed.


By Saikou Jeng

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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