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Sport: Doubt Grow Over Gunjur's Mini Stadium Project

Doubts are growing in the Gunjur Mini Stadium Project which is four years behind schedule.

The crisis-ridden project that is turning a proud moment for Gunjur into a joke, started in 2018. And, it was supposed to finish one year after the commencement but very little work is done at the site since the false start in 2018.

To give a succinct background, the Gambia Football Federation “GFF” received funding of $10 million from FIFA to build a Mini Stadium in Kombo Gunjur.

It was with euphoria and pride then, when GFF officials unveiled the plan back in 2018. However, faith in the project is gradually broken by incompetence, failures and lack of trust on how the project is dragging.

Gunjur is one of the epicentres of the Gambian football and produced some towering footballing genius of Gambian footballing world - like Buba Star Janneh and many more.

Therefore, to continue to content with a decrepit and not fit for purpose agrarian football ground is not doing justice to Gunjur’s conspicuous contributions to Gambian football.

That was why the euphoria and sense of pride was justified when funding was secured for building a mini Stadium in Gunjur, essentially, representing the whole of Kombo South Region.

Alas, the Gunjur Mini Stadium project has lurched from crisis to crisis. It is worth pointing out that through subtle and insidious corruptions, the delivery of many public projects have failed in contemporary Gambia. I hope this mini stadium project in Gunjur does not add to the unfortunate statistics.

The GFF therefore, must come out and tell the people of Gunjur why the mini stadium project is stillborn. If not, GFF, will be branded scandalously inept for its failure to provide a mini stadium for Gunjur and the entire Southern Kombo.

The sorry saga and the graveyard like skeletal view of the stalled project is an eyesore but also a sporting loss to Gunjur, Kombo South and the Gambia.

For Gunjur sports and sports fans across the county, the agony is set to drag on until the project is finished. Thus, GFF is requested to shed light on the spectacular failure so far and annoyingly oppressive silence on the progress of Gunjur mini stadium project.

Until then, more tough questions will be asked about a project that has become a national embarrassment as the farce continues.

By Ebrima Scattred Janneh (EB)


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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