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Sabally accuses Barrow gov’t of guns, drugs trafficking

UDP stalwart, Momodou Sabally,has accused the Adama Barrow administration of nurturing direct links with people smuggling guns and drugs into the country.

Addressing the latest cocaine seizure in the country worth billions of Dalasi, he ventured:

“Certainly it is not a good idea to mix drugs with guns...First they brought in a container of guns and the suspect went Scot free. Now comes a a container of drugs and all indications are that the suspects will go unpunished.In both cases the suspects have a direct link with the presidency. There is something noteworthy about a person being so audacious as to bring in thousands of kilograms of Cocaine through our main port.

Such a baron must be assured of some level of protection from the powers that be.Our youths are going crazy by the day with weird mental illnesses.If our government cannot give the young people jobs or quality education, then for the sake of God, let the government not be a conduit for the tools that will destroy the future of this country.Things are really going out of hand and the situation is scary!”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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