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  • By Dida Jallow-Halake.

Re: Congrats to Gunjur’s own Alhassan Darboe!

Congrats to Gunjur’s own Alhassan Darboe!

Proud of you Alhassan.

Now you are a Master’s graduate and your “parents never sat in a classroom” (I am sure you mean a Western classroom because your blessed dad must have sat in a Madrassa). Ditto my parents, though they were fluent in the old African language of Amharinya – which I long lost to Swahili, English and a sprinkling of Wollof! You beat me to a Masters too – I only grabbed a BA and started on my career as a teacher.

It has been a long, tough and determined road for you and you must relax and savour the moment. You are not like many who aimed for a degree for the jobs and wealth a degree would bring you. Approached in its pure form, as in the Greek “Educos”, education will fortify and sustain you through, inshallah, a long and at times treacherous life (my good friend the great Fafa Mbai’s TRRC testimony is a case in point).

Don’t stop. Now read widely, with zest, and may I suggest you start with Greek Philosophy ... if you wish through brother Cornel West’s lectures and the equally good Harvard Lectures of Michael Sandel. And while you do so, don’t forget the accompanying music of Dr SaxLove ... I can’t read Philosophy without Dr SaxLove in the background!

I look forward to sharing attaya in Kotu or Gunjur someday (inshallah). I am at the moment busy assisting Kombo Kerewan’s own Jainaba Jallow with her Philosophy course, but after that I look to head for the sunshine of Africa again. But of course, if you are passing through London, drop me a message – I would just be delighted to meet up briefly.

Congrats again,

Dida Jallow-Halake.


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