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Prominent Rights activist laments state of Gambian politics

By Sainey Darboe

A prominent Gambian activist, Fatou Jaw Manneh, has slammed the stinging dearth of fidelity to institutions in the process of nation building in The Gambia.

Rights activist Fatou Jaw Manneh was arrested for her fight against Yaya Jammeh's dictatorial rule in The Gambia

Writing on her Facebook page, she observed:

“When the smoke clears, we shall all agree that the Gambian is not loyal to neither friend, family or profession/office. Whether it’s economic crimes or burying each other alive, we are blessed with seriously dark hearts in this country who always slip through our hands to leadership positions be it political office or the military.

Greedy, fake and heartless, we cannot stand by anything or anyone or office.

The Janneh Commission and TRRC just exposed the bitter truth about our national character or is it personal too? In as much as brutal and corrupt Yaya Jammeh is, we cannot ignore the fact that for 22 years he was not doing it alone. Whether it’s killing each other or looting the coffers we have seen ordinary Gambians, community leaders/ elders, civil servants hold bucket for him. At the end of these commissions with millions on pay and administrative costs, what happens or is left for the victims.? I believe NADA! Except lament lailaha and move on to the next stage of pillage”.

Fatou Jaw Manneh, who was tried and imprisoned by the Jammeh regime for her opposition to his over two-decade tyranny, regretfully noted despite the New Democratic dispensation the process remains adulterated by hypocrisy and partisan politics.

She added:

“We cannot even enjoy our newfound freedom and strengthen institutions that might help us avert or limit the power hungry and corrupt craziness of our Gambian / African leaders. Intellectual hypocrisy, partisanship has muddied and a dark cloud is hung on the horizon, making the transitional leadership nothing but a joke. And yes all the extreme

religiousity is fake. Bias has claimed all our cool heads and sane minds. Destroyed our friendships, our rationale and ability to elevate our national discourse”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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