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Politics | Ward Councillors Feel Marginalised By Government

Monday 20 July | Alkali Cham

The local government representatives specifically the ward councillors feel they are being marginalised by the central government.

This claim was made by the ward concillor of Kembujeh, Alieu K Darboe, in an exclusive interview with GunjuOnline over the weekend.

Honourable Alieu K. Darboe disclosed that despite their direct dealings with the communities and key the developmental role they play, no salary is allocated to them but pegged on mere allowances. He added that when central government appoints employees they put them on payroll, even the members of the parliaments receive salaries, but not the ward councillors.

Honourable Darboe accused the government of not ploughing back certain percentage to the local government authorities which is meant to support the councillors to facilitate their intended projects within their respective wards. He added that they receive more visitors daily within their wards, which signifiies the importance of their role as community representative.

The Kembujeh Ward councillor also frowned at business establishments and individuals who default in the payment of tax to comply, adding that the tax revenues collected is the source of development for the people. He added that there is an increasing demand for development but all this can't exist in the absence of tax paying.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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