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Politics: Remarks by Bob Touray, the Chairman of UDP Finland Chaper

Bob Touray, Chairman of UDP Finland Chapter and Diaspora Campaign & Organizing Committee addresses the chapter’s fundraising event in the Finish city of Helsinki.

Below we reproduce Chairman Touray’s address, verbatim:



On behalf of the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Finland chapter, and my behalf as its Chairperson, I have the profound honor to welcome you all here. while we will be addressed live from Birmingham by the Secretary-General and party leader of UDP, HE ANM Ousainou Darboe. Am sure we will from henceforth prepare to physically welcome him here before the 2026 election, either in Finland or in one of our Nordic regions.   


We all know and are aware that our country is going to a doldrum, especially in recent times we have seen frequent arrests of those they considered alarmist of their corrupt practices, notable among those are our own Baba La Commando Momodou Sabally the Campaign manager of the UDP, Councilor Sherriffo BaYo Sonko, Madi Jobarted and comedian Alhagie Bora Sisawo, who was violently thrown in a muddy swampy area by the Police. to add injury to what is on our plate is the overwhelming hardship that every household is enduring through, it can only be resurrected by a leadership that is groomed and nurtured through the policies and programs of a party with like that of the United Democratic party.   


It is my firm belief that UDP stands for socio-political practices which enhance democracy and sustainable economic development. It is not a party for tribal bigotry, and it will continue to distance itself from anything that will tarnish the good name of this noble political party.   


It is not controversial to state that the UDP is the only political party that can move the Gambia from 29 years of stagnation matched with the abuse of citizens’ rights through death and exile. It is the party that can take us to the promised land based on the rule of law, free from corruption, nepotism, and institutional bigotry that has drastically taken root in the kleptomaniac Adama Barrow/APRC government.    


As we still endure of 2021 December fraudulent election as Gambians, delivered by people of nefarious characters within the IEC and their shenanigans in the judiciary, which until today is being disputed by every sensible-minded Gambian. And We as a party will never endorse an election that is stained with fraud and all vices.  

without any iota of doubt, Barrow, and his fiddlers, knew that the 2021 election was rigged in his favor from its rightful winners, which is the United Democratic Party… Just like the saying goes in Russia, “It doesn’t matter who voted, what matters is who counted the vote” That is exactly the Gambian scenario   


Fellow members of the UDP, let's remind each other about the plight of the people of the Gambia, especially the vulnerable, they are the ones at the ebbs of the hardship that is caused by those perpetuating rampant corruption engineered by the Barrows cronies in the statehouse, they denied the citizens the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of their labors. Therefore, we the UDP are here to tell the dispossessed and marginalized that the UDP hears their cries for fairness in public life, development, self-pride, and democracy.   


There is a pocket of NPP supporters hiding behind a so-called Counselor forum, which never happens anywhere operate a forum in the name of a counselor, someone who is supposed to be accommodating to all Gambians regardless of political affiliation, but they clandestinely incorporate phone numbers to that forum without the prior knowledge of the bearers, if you are a UDP member, be in the alert, that forum is an NPP forum, and I urge you to deregister yourself immediately. All that they claim there is what the Gambian Organization has been doing since its formation is apolitical, and it stands for the interest of all Gambians. So why the need to operate a forum that will be a dividing factor rather than uniting us as a community?  


As we deliberate here today, we should remind ourselves that the UDP is the largest party in The Gambia, the party that controls almost part of the legislator, and four out of five Councils. It is not farfetched to say that the UDP is the government in waiting come 2026.    

In these circumstances, we have a special responsibility to always adhere to the highest possible standards in our public interactions. We must always strive to be ahead of our political adversary’s plot to taint us in the negatives.   


Before concluding my speech, allow me to thank each of you here present, especially those of you the general membership of the Chapter, for denying yourself the privileges of spending your money, but finding it prudent to spend it on a day like today in the name of UDP, shows how steadfast and determine as Gambians living in Finland, participating in nation building.    


In the same vein, I would like to thank those of you,   


Fatou Saine- Sabbally   

Sally Ismaila Bojang   

Mama Barrow- Touray   


For preparing such delicious foods available for the events, while not forgetting my untiring PRO Kebba Sabally aka Helsinki, Finland for erranding all the shopping and transporting all the items to the cooks. I say to you a big thank you, without you such a gathering would not be congregated here today.   


And to my trustworthy Treasurer, Mustapha Minteh, I thank you for your dedication and honesty in handling every penny of the money entrusted into your hands.   


I also say a big thank you to my Secretary Alhagie Jabbi, who always will be ready to render services for the community at any personal level.    

I thank all of you one way or the other for putting your money into supporting this cause, and my niece KhaddyJatou Bah, for your hefty donation even though you are not an affiliated UDP member, we all appreciate it so much, my dear niece. 

Also, I thank our daughter Ramatoulie Sabally and her husband for their support in decorating our event venue without asking for any form of payment from us. It shows how supportive the Sabally family is to the cause of the Gambia.  

I would also like to pay homage to my late comrade, chairman of Sweden Chapter Sainey Jammeh, who passed away during his holiday in the Gambia. He was a true patriot who has done all for our party and the Nordic Cluster. I appeal to you all here to pray for Allah’s mercy on his soul, and for Janna to be his final abode, Ameen  


Finally, I will extend my appreciation to my colleagues in the Diaspora Executive through my able Chair Mboge Saidykhan, and all the Chairpersons of the most successful and celebrated UDP Nordic Cluster.   


Thank you,   

Bob Touray   

Finland Chapter and   

Chairman Diaspora Campaign & Organizing Committee  

Bob Touray
Bob Touray, Finland Chapter and  Chairman Diaspora Campaign & Organizing Committee  




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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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