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Police Brutality Must Stop – Black Lives matter

Written by Mariama Sowe, Leeds, United Kindgom:

My name is Mariama Sowe. I am 10 years old, born in The Gambia in Brikama Sanchaba. I moved to the UK with my mum Fanta and sister Awa daisy in the early part of 2015 to join my dad who was studying in Leeds then. I cannot remember The Gambia apart from few memories such as the hot sun and my grandmother Yadaygen. I was very fluent

in speaking Mandinka and Fula.

Mariama Sowe

I thought all human beings were black untill I moved to the Uk then I realise that this was not the case. I could clearly remember one day after school asking my dad why I am not white as I was the only black girl in my class back then and I could not speak a word of english.

My dad paused for a while, he told me to be proud of myself as a black person, respect and treat people kindly irrespective of their colour. I could not work my head round as I was only 5. Few weeks passed, I started speaking english and forgetting mandinka gradually. I was so keen in speaking english, I joined choir in school to build my confidence and other school activities such as football and dancing.

I am now in year 5 of Lane End primary School very close to my family house. I am fully aware of the difference in colour but one thing I find beautiful is the fact that we are all human beings. We all deserve to be treated equally and fairly, wherever we happen to find ourselves. I have white, black and Asian friends and I miss them greatly as I do not

have the opportunity to see them because of the Coronavirus.

My dad had repeatedly encouraged me to write and I always decline this request because I wanted to do something unique. Yesterday when he finished work and returned home, he met me in the living room and he told me if I heard about what is currently trending the in the United States of America. I replied no, he told me to watch the news. I could

not believe my eyes. I went to bed and I could not sleep as flashbacks of George Floyd’s inhumane treatment by a police office kept me awake for the rest of the night.

He told me imagine if your dad is treated this way to the point of death, what would I do? I also paused for a while as I was sort of words. I love my parents so dearly. This is what inspired me to write my first article and I hope this will be the first of many.

George Floyd in my opinion is killed with intent and the sad bit is he knew he will die as the built police officer’s knee was placed on his neck and he was saying ‘ I can’t breathe’. My father told me that the police are their to protect us and our properties from harm and threat. My question to my father after showing me few police brutality in America regarding black people of American citizen, will I be protected as a black person and treated equally as a human being or will the whole of the black race be treated as human beings.

How could you Officer Derek Chauvin do such? Killing a fellow citizen of your great country on purpose? As far as the video is concern, he did not resists arrest nor was in any way dangerous to you or the public. Why was the rest of the other officer bystanders?

Interestingly, when I woke up this morning, after our morning salat, I told my dad that I want to write my first article regarding the death of my uncle George Floyd. He was so happy and he embraced me with tears rolling from his eyes. My dad is a writer and researcher. He told me go for it, you have my blessings. I asked him what is the American people and the whole world doing about this tragedy. He told me the people of America took to streets to show their anger and disappointment. I tuned on the Tv and show exactly as he said. However, I do not think this is really going to help and I think it should be done this way.

First, the white population in the United states should take to the streets to condemn these brutal acts committed by the police and inform them that blacks are human beings like white people and they must not be treated unfairly based on the colour of their skin. Second, President Donald trump and his cabinet must also take to the street to show solidarity with regards to what is been happening over the years that black people are as equal as white people and enough is enough. If not it may happen again, God forbid.

Third, and must importantly black people must unite as one for a new world, but not to take the law in their hands as currently happening in the case of uncle George Floyd, my opinion is to commemorate his death every year next to the white house and the police department

responsible for his death for a better and fair society. Uncle George Floyd died for this cause. I may be wrong but sit back and think.

Finally, his killer must be brough to court and all those police officers present at the scene. They are all responsible equally. Firing them only is the wrong thing to do. I love all people and I will treat them equally as human beings not because they are pink or purple.

What I see is not the colour of their skin but human beings who deserve to be protected and treated fairly, kindly and lovingly.

Thank you, father, for encouraging me to be a writer and a motivational speaker. Well, I have other plans to be what I wanted to be in the near future which is to be the first female President of the Republic of The Gambia among others.

Thank you

Mariama sowe

Editor's note: Mriama Sowe is a 10 year old girl who lives in Leeds, UK with her dab, mum and sister. She aspires to become a writer, motivational speaker and President of The Gambia. We wish her all the very best in realising her dreams.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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