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Opinion: Xenophobia: A Symptom of Bad Leadership

Written by Musa Bah: -

A wave of xenophobic violence is raging in South Africa. Angry youth are attacking shops and business centres belonging to foreigners in the county.

Africans living and working in various South African cities and towns have not been spared as their shops and business places have been attacked and torched in recent days.

Most foreign owned businesses have remained closed in the past few days as they fear being attacked and losing their properties, or worse, their lives. This has become common in that country and more and more people are beginning to fear living in South Africa.

The government of South Africa - through its President - has condemned the attacks and said that it wishes to promote the rule of law and good governance. They have said that they will do whatever they can to ensure that these attacks stop and do not reoccur.

The South African problem though is deeper than just what is seen in the streets and riots as portrayed on television around the world. The majority of South Africans, the blacks, have been so dispossessed by the Apartheid Regime and its immediate aftermaththat all they know is violence. Thus, efforts must be made to correct those ills in a holistic ways. The social system must put measures in place to address the roots of the problem.

Other African leaders whose citizens are living and working in South Africa have condemned this behaviour and have said that it is unacceptable. There is growing anger in other countries whose people are among the many that are targeted in that country.

So long as Africans continue to see each other as different people, progress will remain slow, if attainable at all. The 'us' and 'them' perception has to change if we are to see effective African integration for the benefit of the people of Continental Africa.

African masses must identify and know their real enemies - the leaders. These are the ones who sit on our heads and take away all our resources; living a life of luxury and make us wallow in poverty and want.

When the anger emanating from our hunger for things: freedom, health, education, food and other amenities reach boiling point, the young tend to vent their spleen on anyone they can lay their hands on. Some times, it happens to be fellow citizens like we have seen with the July 24th in Serekunda. This led to the arrest and detention of 37 youths, including famous rapper Ali Cham, commonly known as Killer Ace.

At other times it happens to be other nationals living in a country like we once saw in Angola but more recently in South Africa. We must endeavor, as a continent, to correct the ills of our societies by choosing the right leaders who will put th continent first rather than these lot who are only interested in wealth and power.

The younger generation must reject this bane and usher in a new type of African.

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