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Opinion: The Sedition Dragnet

Democracy is neither free nor guaranteed. That is why we should all stand firm to preserve it at all costs.

Need I remind you that it caused lives and blood to uproot a dictatorship ensconced by our indifference, selfishness, and hatred for one and other. This ensured the advancement of the democratic space we are enjoying today.

However, despite all the hoopla, nothing substantial changed since the fall of the dictatorship. The institutions of dictatorship remain intact and weaponised as dictator Jammeh did to create fear, divide and rule, and conquer.

Hence, it is my contention that democracy is under siege in the Gambia. And we should stand firm to reverse this trajectory at all cost.

The so-called sedition charge levied against Ebrima Dibba and others before him are simply an effort to crack down on dissent in the wake of catastrophic failures of the Barrow government.

Ebrima Dibba (Pictured) faces a charge of Sedition for a WhatsApp audio critical of Gambian President

The sedition Act, despite it’s manifest antiquated, illiberal, and undemocratic nature, is used by Barrow’s government as a catch-all provision to target the opposition for anything that is remotely contentious.

The law is being used in a selective manner targeting opposition politicians, especially United Democratic Party 'UDP' while leaving members of the ruling National People Party ‘NPP’ alone for a similar or worst rhetoric.

The intention is to stifle democratic norms, freedom of speech and to create a climate of fear.

This is wrong, unfair, undemocratic, unnecessary, and intolerable. Thus, it is a very sad day for civil liberty.

This is not about Ebrima Dibba or UDP alone. It is about preserving the little democratic gains we have as a country.

It is Ebrima Dibba today, but many may follow if we do not speak out collectively against injustice and peeling off the little progress we made in pluralizing our democratic space.

Alas, we are gradually seeing the Barrow government quelling political opposition and suffocating our democratic space to protect their failures.

The sadness of it all, however, is that we remain a nation of silent unlookers in the face of suppression of our freedom of expression - one of the very foundation of any democracy.

‘Never Again’!

Editors note: Ebrima Scattred Janneh “EB” is the Anchor of The Dialogue With The Youths Show on Gunjuronline TV. Views expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of

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