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Opinion: Momodou Sabally: Talib will run for President

By Sainey Darboe:

Former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister in the former APRC government Momodou Sabally, has declared that the current mayor of Kanifing Municipality,Talib Bensuda, will run for president.

Talib Bensuda - Lord Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council is touted as a future president

Speaking during a ‘Guiss Guiss’ show about mayors in politics, Sabally stated:

“Everybody knows that the mayorship is a transit point for Talib Bensuda”.

The eventual destination for the Mayor of Kanifing who is a rising star within the opposition United Democratic Party, according to Sabally, is the presidency.

Asked to rate Talib Bensuda’s performance since he took leadership of the KMC municipality, Sabally declared “he is doing well, but he has to be careful”.

Adding more flesh to the bones of his his chilling warning, Sabally enunciated Talib Bensuda should avoid getting his family business involved in the municipality.

“That will be a big mistake. I see a lot of cartels in this country and that should stop. This government should be very careful of such because it creates a dual economy which is not good”, he said.


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