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I was FASCINATED with the hair dress of the ladies and the medium of communication during the debate.

Why all the women put on false hair except one. These are women who represent their parties and exemplified what their party stand for in my mind, thus stood as role models not only for their respective parties but for the voters they want to attract.

On a greater sphere, I think African women have a great role to play in African politics and they must play that role carefully because stand not only as poltical models but also cultural and political models.

Our role models must instill a sense of pride in African culture and tradition so that our young women realised that these artifical cosmetic hairs are dangerous to their health and dignity. African women must be proud of their africanness and don't think that the natural beauty they have is inferior and what others have is superior. Once another culture can still inferiority complex in your mind, they own your thinking and your outlook. You end up looking black in the outside but foreign on the inside. Such a psychological domination leads you to spend time and scarce resources to look like them

Women of Indian like Indian hair, Europeans like Europeans hair, Chinese like Chinese hair but African women are not satisfied with their hair and think beauty and sophistication lies in others people's hair.

Also why Mr Drammeh insist on conducting crucial political debates in a foreign language that majority electorate don't understand. Its ironical that we always cultivate elitist persuasion in every space of political discourse as if we are in English country.

Arabs debate in Arabic, Indians in Hindi, Chinese in Chinese, Europeans in European languages, even Turkey debate Turkish but not the African, he conduct political debates in a colonial language to the exclusion of the majority populace because we think the colonial powers will recognise our politicians if they exhibit sophistication in his language.

Its mind-buckling that after 60 years on nationhood, we still rely on the good impression of colonial powers to finance our economies. Its equally mind-buckling that for us progress, enlightenment and elitism is anchored on the ability to speak a foreign language.

Men elites have failed us utterly, perhaps the women elitist will bring the necessary development but I suspect they must put their house in order.

L Darboe

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