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Opinion: DO NOT Protest if you are not permitted

By Lamin A Jarju , New York

If you are fond of playing games, you will be easily caught. Jammeh was playing a game on the ECOWAS negotiation team during the political impasse after the December 2016 elections. He was secretly recording private phone conversations he had with the former Liberian President Allen Johnson Sirlef and then play it on national Television facilitated by The state broadcaster, GRTS.

The ECOWAS team was unhappy by this act of Jammeh. Guess what they did? Back to their base in Abuja (ECOWAS head quarters) they too (ECOWAS) played their game. They drafted a fancy declaration making Jammeh (Jammeh) to belief that the declaration was an agreement when in fact it was a mere intent. Jammeh got caught!

What am tying to say is, Barrow and the police are playing a game by denying the 3 year JOTNA Movement permit to protest and they are hiding behind a bad law, one they fought against when they were in opposition. The act Is a game but it will backfire

Now, My advise to the 3 year JOTNA team is this: do not protest if your permit is not granted. There is no competition between you and any group, but if there is was, I would have said you won the game massively .

Your Movement has proven wrong all critics and the government in particular for labeling you as criminals. That including other tactics were mere attempts to frustrate your ambition to hold the president and coalition to account. Pursuing accountability in this generation is not easily. Is between life and death.

Continue to sharpen your movements agenda to remain resilient in ensuring accountability is attained. Your Movement is a genuine institution born to holding the coalition government to account. You will get resistance, and there your got.

You have attracted huge following both local and internationally. You have nothing to loose. You are recognized, viable and have made tremendous impacts in the Gambia’s political history. Your actions has added significant value and contributed to strengthen our democracy.

What is the next step? The next step is this: go back to your drawing board, re-energize yourselves and wait for the 2021 elections. Show Barrow and his team that he is not trustworthy, unreliable, dishonest and not loyal. Campaigning against him is easy, play his own voices at your rallies for people to hear and let them be their own judges.

The coalition has failed, the impact affects all of us but the primary responsibility goes to Barrow and he must own it. He has no vision and policy to guide his government in order to address the numerous and chronic problems confronting the nation. He lost direction, yet, desperate to lead the nation at his interest and at the detriment of the poor.

He is surrounded by sycophants who helped Jammeh milked the nation’s meager resources who are willing to do anything just to remain destroying the nation. They are shameless and have no iota of sympathy for the masses.

Corruption, nepotism, increase in crimes and destruction of the Nation’s environment is the order of the day. While pregnant women continue to die while in Labor, the country’s resource is been plundered by few greedy men.

The recent and rampant trading of the nation’s diplomatic passports is the least scheme of scamming this government is involved in, yet nothing comes out of these crimes which pose tremendous threats to the nation’s security.

Social services are wretched, inadequate and sparsely distributed leaving the poor in abject poverty at the mercy of chronic illnesses.

To the rest of the Coalition partners, President Barrow betrayed all of you first and then the rest of the citizenry. We are holding all of to account, do not leave Barrow unchallenged. Begin to look into the face of Gambians and have some sympathy for the poor. Adama Barrow And his team are wrenching the country.

President Barrow has has not make this nation any better than he found it. The democracy that president is claiming to have brought was fought and won by the people. He was elected to head the country in order to preserve what was fought. Gambians are standing to ensure that democracy is not destroyed.

Not in the too long to come, Barrow and his team will be caught. A government cannot be build and progress through games and scamming. A good government is one that is build on the rule of laws, Democracy, accountability and transparency. The government of President Barrow lack all of these.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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