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Op-ed: TRRC's "Bell Of Justice" Must Toll For The Singhateh Brothers!


Justice Jaiteh @ 1hr 54mins 42secs of his judgment says this:-

“I believe the testimonies of Alhagie Kanyi, Essa Mendy, Hamat Changam, Lamin Ndure, Pa Habibu Mbaye, Mohamed LK Bojang, depicting the true picture of how Osman Koro Ceesay was murdered in cold blood”.

Edward & Peter Singhateh:

If Jaiteh’s conclusion on the truthfulness of these witnesses is not overturned on appeal, the judgment remains a record of fact for eternity ... and damns the Singhateh brothers as being guilty of killing Koro Ceesay. TRRC cannot come to any conclusion other than that Edward and Peter must be tried for Koro’s murder; afterall, Yankuba Touray has been sentenced to hang on the same facts as found by Justice jaiteh ... and those facts apply to Edward and Peter.

Rule of Law:

These are incredible times in The Gambia as the Judiciary bravely sets out to firmly uphold the Rule of Law. But not just in The Gambia: in South Africa too where the Judiciary’s determination to uphold the Rule of Law is being violently resisted as we speak. And in Kenya where at this very moment the courts are challenging Uhuru’s attempt to subvert the Constitution.

I wish the judges all the very best in their brave attempts to uphold the Rule of Law - and the judges will come under the attack that Justice Jaiteh is subjected to as I write.

Nevertheless, the strongly held sentiments of Yankuba Touray’s supporters outside court (at the end of this video) cannot be minimised: they say Edward Singhateh is the mastermind of Koro’s murder for which Yankuba Touray is to hang. They want Edward Singhateh and Peter Singhateh tried.

TRRC's "Bell Of Justice" Must Toll For The Singhateh Brothers! IF the TRRC Commissioners and Lead Counsel Essa Faal, in their infinite wisdom, decide that Edward and Peter should NOT be tried for Koro’s murder, THEN President Barrow must offer Yankuba Touray a full pardon.

The law must not "consume" only Yankuba Touray when the crime was a "joint-enterprise" with the Singhateh Brothers. Kanyi and the lower ranks were forced to partake.

Dida Jallow-Halake

Notting Hill, London.

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