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NPP of President Barrow accused of plans to rig the 2021 Presidential Polls

Politics | Tuesday 18 August | By Alkali Cham

NPP of President Barrow accused of plans to rig the 2021 Presidential Polls

As the 2021 presidential election draws closer, The National People's Party of incumbent President Adama Barrow has been accused of engaging in activities geared towards rigging the polls in favour of Barrow.

Gambian social media has been busy with the allegations as WhatsApp groups were set up by one Sankareh Marong purposely to lunch a complaint against the allegations of efforts to rig the 2021 polls.

According to the information circulating on the social media, President Barrow and Abubakar Jawara are alleged to have given D5 million to Wassa Sowe and Alhagie Muminee Sey through presidential adviser Dou Sanno to facilitate the illegal registration of non Gambians residing in the country by issuing them with national documents such as the national identity cards.

Farafenni, Ndungu Kebbeh, Basse Mansanjang, Jarra Soma, Mankamang Kunda, Sarrah Bojoh, Kalleh Manda and Gambisara respectively are said to be the target settlements where non Gambians are to be registered to vote for President Barrow’s NPP.

Alieu K Darboe, the Ward Councillor for Kembujeh, reacted to the allegations, saying: “this allegation has an iota of truth in it as the Ward Councillor for Farafenni, Papa Tunkara has confirmed this” President Barrow’s NPP party members are going round to illegally register non Gambians with the bid to help them vote in the 2021 elections in the favour of NPP.

Honourable Alieu K Darboe called on other political parties especially the leaders to condemn this practice and establish investigation on the matter.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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