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Murderous affairs: Semester kills wife, attempts suicide over affair

Mamudou Oki Sissoho, a 23 year-old Gambian based in Spain, is serving a 12-year sentence for the brutal murder of his wife when she confessed to an affair.

According to The Standard newspaper, Mr Sissoho who is a native of Niamina village in Upper River Region had a three-year marriage with Jarrie Damba .

The deceased wife had conceived and delivered a baby girl. Rumors swirled about who was responsible for the pregnancy which the husband heard during a trip back home.

Added the report: “On 15th February 2014, he confronted Jarrie and she confirmed that the child was not his. In a fit of rage, he stabbed her to death. He also stabbed himself and when neighbours and relatives heard wails from inside the room, they broke the door and found the couple on the floor unconscious.

The Supreme Court affirmed the judgments of the high court and the Court of Appeal in the manslaughter conviction of Mr Sissoho

On 21st May 2014, he was charged with one count of murder and attempted suicide at the Basse High Court.

Presiding judge SA Abi found him not guilty of murder and convicted him of manslaughter by reason of provocation and also convicted him of attempting suicide. He was sentenced to ten and two years of imprisonment with hard labour for manslaughter and attempting suicide. The sentences were to run concurrently commencing on 26th February 2014, when he was first arrested and detained by the police”.

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