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Mama Kandeh: ’Barrow has destroyed this country’

GDC supremo, Mama Kandeh, has taken aim at Adama Barrrow with torching criticism of his presidency which he charged ‘has destroyed the country’.

GDC's Mama Kandeh has accused President Barrow of destroying the country

In a publication by Standard newspaper, Mama Kandeh was reported as saying:

“I have nothing against Barrow. I accept that he is the president but I don’t agree with his decision and leadership qualities. I will continue to criticise him when necessary. I don’t underrate him but no matter what happens, I will say what I want to say about the bad things he is doing because he has destroyed this country. There is rampant corruption in this country but nobody has been sacked for being corrupt despite compelling evidence. There is a lot of abuse of resources, abuse of power. That’s a huge frustration and, practically, people have not seen tangible socio-economic change in their lives”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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