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Malang Jarjue: The facts surrounding the death of 13 year old in Gunjur

Social media has been awash with news of a missing 13 year old boy from Gunjur and the subsequent discovery of a body in the last few days. A photo also emerged alongside the real photo of 13 year old teenager Malang Jarjue (Junior) of a body in a white bag claiming to be that of the missing boy. The body turns out to be that of another dead body discovered in the bush somewhere in Brufut.

The body of Malang Jarjue, 13 was found in shallow waters of an old quarry on Sunday

Young Malang Jarjue's death appears to be a terrible accident as a result of drowning in an old quarry.

What we know

Malang Jarjue is a 13 year old son of Sanna Jarjue from Gunjur new town. He was enrolled at the Gunjur beach mosque Quranic memorization school at the time of his death.

According to our findings, young Malang left for an old gravel quarry outside of Gunjur closer to Berending village with some other young boys from the neighbourhood for swimming last Friday. The old quarry is full of water and also attracts birds which the kids usually go there to try and catch. It is understood Malang likely met his death through drowning and that the other boys ran in fear and never informed their parents of the events at the quarry for possible fear of retribution, until Sunday.

To substantiate this, Malang Jarjue’s body was found in the shallow waters of the old quarry with the hallmarks of a drowned body. No injury was on his body and all his body parts were intact. The body was then covered to enable it to be carried away and taken to the Gunjur Health Centre by Gunjur Police, followed by the handing over of the body to the family for burial. The Gambia Police has opened an investigation into the death of the young boy and are working with the family to established all the facts.

The family is currently very distressed and wishes to appeal to the general public to respect their privacy in this difficult moment and to desist from spreading false stories surrounding the death of their dear son.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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