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Lamin Darboe calls for cancellation of ST’s album launch on Saturday

Social media commentator Lamin Boye Darboe has called for the cancellation of the much anticipated album launch of arguably Gambia’s finest artist currently, ST Brikama Boyo on Saturday, 7th December 2019.

Darboe made this call in a Facebook post which was also provided to Gunjur Online following the tragic loss of about 58 young Gambians who died off the coast of Mauritania trying to venture into dangerous trip to Europe, dubbed “Backway”.

His words:

“Morning guys. Is a hard and sad week for every single GAMBIAN because of the amount of loss in the medeterian sea and may the depart souls rest in peace and the families also to have the strength to cope with the loss. AND IF THIS A NATIONAL MOURNING as we are putting it in our status everywhere online and tomorrow we all go to the independent stadium and dance like no one busines. THEN ST SHOW SHOULD NOT GO ON BECAUSE IS A NATIONAL MATTER TOO and if it those then we are not mourning but celebrating because is a NATIONAL AFFAIR AND SHOW and playing in the national stadium what will the victims family and friends will think because many people planning to come from barra and other families will not come and if we are faking it putting it in our profiles in WhatsApp and facebook then the SHOW MOST NOT GO ON IF AT ALL WE PRETEND TO CARE and is the reality and the truth wether you like it or not. “

In justifying his call for the cancellation of the ST Brikama Boyo’s album launch on Saturday, Boye Darboe, as he is fondly called clarified that he does not hate ST or his music, but rather a massive fan of his music. He went further:

“So before you say anything people who knows me know that no body love st songs more than me or any gambian but the reality stays and stand and that is how I see it, but gambians forgetting the dead is our first thing we always do and some will go and party and pretend all is ok but within 1 week everyone forget you.“

To justify the calls for “national mourning” on Gambian social media feeds, Lamin Darboe urged ST to call off the show to remember and show a mark of respect to the young ones who have lost their lives this week for the nation to mourn their death. He concluded:

“Cancel your show ST or else we all forget about the pretend and the national mourning we are talking about and go and dance and forget the dead and dance in front of the victim families and friends to show them we mourn you today but tomorrow is a party we been planning for months and we cannot cancel that because you are dead no way, we will mourn you again from Sunday onwards. ST IF YOU CANCEL THIS SHOW YOU ARE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME FORGET ABOUT THE MONEY AND BE A LIVING LEGEND IN THE GAMBIA FOR THE REST OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND HERE AFTER. What is your take sincerely“

About 58 young Gambians including boys, girls and children perished in the sea off the coast of Mauritania as they embarked on the perilous journey into Europe for greener pastures.


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