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Hero Senegalese man saves a wheelchair-bound man from fire in Spain

A Senegalese migrant in Spain is hailed a hero after saving a wheelchair-bound 39 year old Spanish man from a burning building.

Senegalese Migrant Gorgui Lamine Sow Photo credit: Reuters/Roberter Etter

The incident happened last Friday in the Spanish coastal city of Denia as the Senegalese migrant walks the street selling his merchandise according to Reuters.

Gorgui Lamine Sow, who is an undocumented migrant in Denia rushed over to a crowd of people who were watching a black smoke pouring out of a window on a second floor flat. When he was told that a a man is trapped in the building, Gorgui Lamine Sow dropped his things and climbed the building through the balcony into the burning apartment.

Once inside the building, the Senegalese man hoisted the man on his back and climbed down a ladder that was placed for him by the trapped man’s neighbour into safety.

Senegalese Migrant Gorgui Lamine Sow Photo credit: Reuters/Roberter Etter

The victim locally named as Alex Caudeli Webster would not have survived the blaze had Gorgui not pulled him out of the fire, said neighbour Roberta Etter, reported Reuters.

Scared that the police will soon arrive and may confiscate his merchandise and detain him as an undocumented migrant, Mr Sow collected his things and left the scene.

The news of his heroic act spread in the neighbourhood and local authorities are now urging central government to consider giving Gorgui Lamine Sow a Spanish residency. Mr Sow arrived in Spain in 2017. His case is similar to a Malian migrant in Paris who climbed a tall apartment building block to save a young boy from a fourth-floor balcony.

The Spanish central government have confirmed that they are studying the case, reported Reuters.

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