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GYM gets seal of approval as U.K. Ambassador bids farewell

The Gunjur Youth Movement (GYM) has received recognition from Her Excellency Sharon Wardle, outgoing British Ambassador to The Gambia for their activities in protecting the environment.

Sharon Wardle, Majesty’s High Commissioner to The Gambia who has come to the end of her assignment in the country after three years acknowledged the wonderful activities of the youth and environmental group in promoting healthy and clean environment. In a letter to Sulayman Bojang who heads the movement, Ambassador Wardle said: “As I come to the end of my three years assignment in The Gambia, I am writing to express my appreciation and recognition for the role you and the Gunjur Youth Movement have played in raising awareness of the need for environmental protection.” Ambassador Wardle, who attended three planting and beach cleaning exercises in Gunjur organised and spearheaded by GYM during her time in The Gambiayear expressed her delight in having the opportunity to take part in these activities where she met members of the Gunjur Youth Movement. 

She continued: “ I have had the privilege of meeting you and the team on a number of occasions and greatly enjoyed participating in activities such as the beach cleaning and tree planting exercise. Through such activities you have shown the importance of engaging the broader community to raise awareness and encourage more environmentally-friendly, essential to ensure a more sustainable future for the people of Gunjur.”

The British Anbassador concluded by congratulating the GYM leader, Sulayman Bojang for enthusiastically participating in the civil-society discussions on areas of mutual interest organised by the British High Commission in preparation for COB 26.

Ambassador Wardle concluded by highlighting the importance of the civil-society discussion platform. Her words:

“ By creating a platform through which CSOs can collaborate, you have a real opportunity to develop a more powerful voice through which to engage constructively with Government and the wider population, as well as providing a challenge function where needed.”

Reacting to the letter of recognition from the British diplomat, Gunjur Youth Movement leader offered these words:

“ The leadership of the Gunjur Youth Movement appreciates her support; her stand and stance in our collective efforts to protect and better our environment. We are greatly inspired by her ideals;  it has been pleasure working with her and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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