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Gunjur Ward UDP Women’s wing adopts Jainaba Darboe-Sillah as mother

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

UDP-UK Chapter Deputy Mobiliser, Jainaba Darboe-Sillah has been adopted as mother of Gunjur Ward UDP Women's wing.

Jainaba Darboe-Sillah, adopted mother of Gunjur Ward UDP Women’s wing

Speaking at the presentation in Kombo Gunjur, Adama Bojang Chairlady of Gunjur Ward informed the gathering that Jainaba Darboe-Sillah is a generous person who is very supportive to UDP Gunjur Ward, she is very committed to the progress of UDP through her moral and financial assistance to the Party which the Executives feel so proud to adopt her as a mother.

Fatou Touray, executive Member of UDP Gunjur Ward tells GunjurOnline that, Madam Sillah has an excellent track records of helping UDP in Gunjur and her community in particular, she is very humble, respectful and dedicated to the service of humanity. We are hopeful that our great relationship with her would further create positive and great avenue for the progress and prosperity of UDP.

Seedou Sanneh speaking on behalf of Jainaba Darboe-Sillah thankEd the UDP delegation for the great hope and confidence they have for his sister (Jainaba Darboe-Sillah) Mr Sanneh said his sister is a great supporter of UDP, she is a very committed and strongly advocate for support of UDP at every level. I am confident and optimistic that my Sister will go over and beyond to make sure UDP wins in 2021 elections.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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