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Gambia: A deeply polarized nation!

By Basidia M Drammeh:

Thousands of pro-5yrs camp have thronged the streets in a peaceful protest march urging President Adama Barrow to serve out his five-year constitutional mandate.

The protest march came barely a month after a rival group known as Operation 3 yrs Jotna staged a similar protest which equally drew thousands of Gambians urging the President to honour the 2016 Coalition agreement which limits presidential term to a three-year transition period during which the President would be mainly focused on institutional reforms. At the end of the protest, the Group submitted a petition to the President’s spokesperson containing their demands. Though the President is yet to officially react to the petition, all signs are on the wall that Mr Barrow would forge ahead with his plans to serve until 2021. As a matter of fact, the President has recently registered his own party, NPP, to contest the forthcoming elections. According to him, the party will be formally launched later this month in a grand style.

Operation 3 yrs Jotna has vowed to converge again should the President refuse to step down after January 19. On the other hand, the 5yrs rival group reacted by stating that the threat is tantamount to a coup and vowed to counter it. With January 19 fast approaching an air of anticipation and anxiety is sweeping the nation.

I’d renew my call on the President to call a genuine national dialogue involving all stakeholders to avert a possible confrontation in the country.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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