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Flag-bearers sound party policies in political debate

Gambia: Monday, 06 July | Alkali Cham

Political debate for the country’s newest political parties which are GAP, PPP, CA and independent candidate Marie Sock was held on Saturday at Ebujang Theatre, moderated by Harona Drammeh of Paradise TV aimed at creating a platform for the standard bearers of the parties to be carefully vetted by the electorates ahead of 2021 presidential polls.

The representatives of the participating political parties are: General Lamin Bojang of GA; Marie Sock independent candidate; Dr Ismaila Ceesay CA, and Papa Njie of the PPP.

Paradise TV's National Discussion on Alternative Leadership

The event was characterized with a good sense of humor as the participants were accorded the opportunity to throw questions at each other in order for them to elaborate on their policies, for the consumption of the voters. However, this did not go down well with some politicians, as some described it as an avenue to gain political points over each other.

In the political debate, Dr Ismaila Ceesay of Citizen Alliance (CA) blasted the country’s educational system, he described it as ineffective as the training curriculums of the basic school system as well as the university not effectively designed to prepare students to become robot scientist, marine engineers and other related fields that commensurate with the needs of the current century. He added that the Government needs to review the whole educational framework, and massively invest in it, this he said will prepare adequately the students for the overall development of the Gambia and needs of the century. He challenged that the educational materials are only designed to suit the colonial projects which since then have not been reviewed.

The Political Science lecturer turned politician Dr Ceesay, raised concern over the plight of the Gambian Youth who consist of 65% of the national population, majority of whom are still unemployed and also concerned about the wellbeing of the 1000 Gambian youth who await deportation orders from Europe. He added that their policy will do a lot of intervention to rescue Gambia from bondage.

Lamin Bojang of GAP, frowns at the current security situation of the Barrow Government which he said needs immediate reform, he expressed dismay over the heavy presence of the foreign securities in the country especially at the presidency. He called on the Barrow led government to reflect on the constitutional mandate of the Gambia Armed Forces and meaningfully engage them in that line of responsibility .

Flag-bearer Bojang, promised that the GAP led government will invest in all forms of agriculture and in the health sector for holistic socio-economic advancement of the Gambia as both are important sectors .

The leader of PPP, a political party which is believed to have fought the county’s independence, wishes to reclaim their rightful position in national politics. Papa Njie, admitted that PPP had made mistakes in the past which they accepted as a party and promised to take a different total new dimension in the area of party leadership. He added that youth are an important sector of the society, therefore they will not be left behind in his government. According to him, he has a good record working with the young people even before embracing politics. He concluded by promising that his government will continue on with the good development record they have unchallengeable implemented from 1965 to 1993.

The political novice, Marie Sock brags to continue promoting the welfare of women in this country when elected, she equally indicated that her government will be all inclusive without bending on any form of discrimination, being political affiliation or gender. She added that reforms will be high on her agenda which includes ensuring judicial independence, responsible and responsive security, better remunerations and host of other significant interventions.


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