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Finance minister damns Janneh commission report, denies corruption charges

Minister of Finance and Economic affairs, Mambury Njie, has defended himself against charges of involvement in corrupt activities under former president Yahya Jammeh, while casting aspersions on the recommendations of Jammeh commission report which cited him for misconduct.

Speaking on the ‘For the People’ show over the weekend, the embattled treasury czar was asked about calls for him to be reprimanded in a white paper accepted by the government.

He riposted:

“I think as far as I am concerned, those recommendations, I’m not aware of it was as as it was put. I went to the commission and I defended my position and I explained. One thing the commission didn’t also reveal, the information that they have and how we were doing our job. Everything was not out there for the public.Yes, perceptions are there, but also think even former Vice President Darboe did ask people ‘what has he done’, ‘do you have any evidence’? A report is a report.

But if it’s justified and confirmed that this is somebody who has been conspiring with Jammeh...I think it’s been revealed I have said no to jammeh on many times(SIC). As public servant whatever you say is documented. All am saying is I am innocent. I am a public servant. I’m doing my work, I did my work and up to today I don’t think president Barrow would have taken a position not only to appoint me as managing director of GNPC, but to put me as minister of finance”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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