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Fatu Network poaches rival Kerr Fatou host, as ratings war turns nasty

By Sainey Darboe, Editor-in-chief:

In the latest episode of the raging war for supremacy between Fatu Network and Kerr Fatou, famous journalist Sarjo Brito has been poached as Fatu Camara fights mightily to stave off a major ratings slump.

Fatou Camara and Fatou Touray were best friends until they had an epic fracture and each of them set up eponymous shows whose exploits have been ground-breaking in the media industry. Though Fatu Network is much older than rival Kerr Fatou, the new outfit appears to be giving it stiff competition and winning the ratings war while accomplishing interviews with big names.

Sarjo Brito was the anchor of The View on Q-TV and later left to join Kerr Fatou amid controversy. She wasted no time in becoming a ratings boon for Kerr Fatou, but the stint was brief as it was intensive as Fatu Network swooped.

Fatu Network board president, Tukulorr Sey celebrated the hostile acquisition with glee. Her words:

“Sarjo Brito, your [SIC] presence on The Fatu Network platform yesterday warmed my heart! You are one I’ve always admired since your QTV days. Oumie Andrews and I welcome you!”.

Photo: The Fatu Network boss with her new acquisition Sarjo Brito

Contacted for comment on the move, Sarjo Brito was non-committal and beseeched Gunjuronline for privacy.

“Don’t bring me any unnecessary attention. I’m living my best life. I have no business with that”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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