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Fatu Camara roasts ‘ungrateful’ president Barrow

By Sainey Darboe:

In the immediate aftermath of fresh TRRC testimony that lays bare president Barrow’s conduct in the course of a crack down by security forces in 2016, renowned journalist Fatu Camara has branded him “ungrateful”.

She further speculated that it’s within the realm of possibility Barrow doesn’t nurture a sense of appreciation for Gambians’ efforts in dispatching the two-decade tyranny of president Jammeh.

Bintou Nyabally Monday told the TRRC that Adama Barrow had scurried into hiding along with Lamin Cham upon arrival of the security personnel, leaving women vulnerable to the wrath of Jammeh’s musketeers.

Disenchanted with Barrow’s display of timidity, Fatu Camara chastised:

“So UDP’s Barrow ran and hid under the table after he told us he killed a lion all by HIMSELF?? This is karma, I hope Dr. Ceesay comes out and ask him where he was. Well, one of the reasons I can’t deal with Barrow is that he is not a very grateful person. I still doubt this man appreciates everything Gambians did to put him in power. One can never be grateful to God if he/she is not grateful to people.

His story is a sad one, unfortunately no one dares tell him especially those around him.

Meanwhile, I want to commend the women who came out to narrate their stories at The TRRC. Not every woman has the courage to talk about sexual abuse and rape openly. You all made me proud”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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