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Falcons FC initiates “Walk For Health” in Gunjur

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Tuesday, 14 July | Omar Darboe

As health is a fundamental aspect of life, Falcons FC of Gunjur have recently initiated Sunday “Walk for Health” in Gunjur Kombo South.

Falcons FC “walk for health” iniatiative

Speaking at the event, Hatab Jobe who is Coordinator of the initiative and Technical Officer of Gunjur 2nd Division football team said the event is geared towards promoting healthy lifestyles and make people aware of the importance of sport in conjunction with Health.

Mr Jobe emphasized that people should involve in physical exercises for them to keep healthy, energitic and strong.

Sulayman Sanneh the Chairman of Falcons FC indicated that they are very much excited and committed to organize this event inorder to keep themselves healthy, keep the team on track and resilient to fight against the Novel Corona Virus. Mr Sanneh told GunjurOnline that his team is involved in many Community support initiatives including Tree planning, community cleansing exercises and health support services through donations of medical items and installation of Trash Bins at Gunjur Health Center and other strategic locations in Gunjur.

Mr Pa Gibba, a participant in the event said they feel motivated and happy to associate themselves with the program which is so beneficial and important as far as sport and health is concerned. Mr Gibba challenges people to join them especially women as they are great contributors and partners in development.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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